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Team 5036, the Blue Robo Devils, is a FIRST Robotics Competition team created by the students of Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI. The team was set up in 2013-2014 season with help from our school board - Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and mentor teams, Team 781, The Kinetic Knights and Team 1310, Runnymede Robotics.


By building competitive robots for FIRST Robotics Competitions, Team 5036 aims to spread skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in our local community.

Team 5036 - "Bringing out the best of you."



Team 5036 is a school based robotics organization open to students of our school (Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI), aged 13-19. When the team was first announced in 2014, large interest was seen, with over 60 students signing up. However, by the end of the build season, we had 20 members on our team.

Every Robotics team in FIRST builds a robot, and competes with it. On the first Saturday of January, representatives from Team 5036 go to the Ontario Science Center for the Kick-Off. The Kick-Off is the first day of the Build season, after which teams know what the challenge for that year is. Shortly after, Team 5036 gets down to business and starts discussing strategies, and what we want our robot to be able to do. With a general idea, we go to prototypes, and AutoCAD to test our ideas, from which the robot starts to take shape. After six of designing, building and programming our robot, there is Stop-Build day, after which we are no longer allowed to work on the robot physically until our first event.

During our rookie year, students work with their teams, (see Team Structure) to accomplish tasks. However, due to the lack of large team, many students work with more than one team, to ensure our team runs smoothly.


Our team is divided into four major teams:

Media and Promotional: This team is responsible for making sure key aspects of our team are documented, and spreading the vision of FIRST on the internet and in the immediate community. This team directly interacts with those on our social media channels, and manages this website. Furthermore the Media and Promotional team also shoulders the responsibility of talking to media and press.

Programming: The Programming team is responsible for making sure the ideas of the Design team work, and program our robot to make it work. The design team comes to the Programming team with their ideas, and the programming team makes it happen.

Design and Strategy: The design and strategy team is primarily responsible for the robot design at the beginning of the season during which they consult with the construction team and programming team to see if their design is possible within present constraints.

Construction: The construction team is responsible for building the robot that is proposed by the design and strategy team. They also work on the electrical components of the robot, and are responsible of helping the programming team by relaying information about the electrical setup of the robot.

The two captains of each team are the ones who perform cross-team communications, and relay the ideas of team members to other captains.


For the immediate future, Team 5036's main goal is to cement a place for FIRST Robotics at Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI by winning awards, and being the best FIRST team we can be. From there, we wish to spread FIRST in our community by starting a FLL league in our neighbouring middle school.

Through our actions in our school and community, we want to increase the interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.