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2016 TEAM

Multimedia and Promotional Captains:  Osaffat
Construction Captains: Sohaib, Osaffat and Tahmid
Programming Captains: Tahmid
Design and Strategy Captains: Sohaib, Osaffat and Tahmid
Drive Team: Sohaib, Tahmid, Osaffat and Zack
FRC Challenge: Stronghold
Overall Record: 7-5-0


Greater Toronto East Regional:
► Ranked 12 out of the 49 teams  ► 7th Alliance Caption
► Record of 7-5-0



2015 TEAM

Multimedia and Promotional Captains: Osaffat
Construction Captains: Sohaib and Osaffat
Programming Captains: Kyle and Shan
Design and Strategy Captains: Sohaib and Osaffat
Drive Team: Sohaib, Kyle, Osaffat and Zack
FRC Challenge: Recycle Rush
Overall Record: 7-2-1



2014 TEAM

Multimedia and Promotional Captains: Sohaib, Vincent and Osaffat
Construction Captains: Mahmoud and Aidan
Programming Captains: Shan and Shehan
Design and Strategy Captains: Kurt and Jake
Drive Team: Sohaib, Aidan, Prince and Mahmoud
FRC Challenge: Aerial Assist
Overall Record: 6-14-0

Season Highlights:
► Rookie year in FIRST Robotics
► Won the Rookie All Star Award, Qualified for World Championships in St. Louis