This is 5036.

Team 5036, The Robo Devils, is a FIRST robotics team from Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. In our 4+ years, we have achieved great heights and gained a lot of experiences along this journey. Our goals are to inspire others about STEM, practice "Gracious Professionalism", and to cooperate with each other and reach our goals.


Team 5036 inspires students to pursue paths in STEM by making it fun and exciting, as well as inspire the global community to what STEM is, its importance and why it is amazing to us. Being the future generation of the world we have the important task of helping others find their passion in fields such as mathematics, computers, and engineering. We always look forward to see what the future has in store.

Team 5036 believes in giving opportunities to as many individuals as possible. We feel members experiencing the journey that our team and FIRST has to offer will grant alumni the key to open doors to their future endeavors, as it has in the past. We value education and experience as utmost importance, while having fun with STEM.

Team 5036 encourages members to think "outside the box" and be able to work through limitations and restrictions. This leads to becoming innovative and using various means of problem solving to complete the tasks assigned. Through our dedication and forward mindset, we as a team have been able to grow exponentially using our resources to solve challenges and compete with the world-class teams that exist in Ontario and around the world.


Our program focuses on STEM education. This involves the following:


When we build robots, we apply our knowledge of physics. We use concepts such as work, power, torque, speed and velocity to effectively design robots.


When building robots, we work with technology encompassing three different areas: electronics, mechanics and software.


When building robots, we go through what is known as the "engineering process". A key part of this process that students learn about is "iteration", or the act of constantly improving and modifying a creation to make it better. We iterate mechanical parts, software and all aspects of our robots.


"Art without engineering is dreaming. Engineering without art is calculating." Math is an important tool to building a robot. Math is applied everywhere in robotics, from making mechanical calculations, to classifying wire sizes, to writing software that deals with a sensors' measurements.